Explore the different facets of Quality Control & Quality Assurance in Construction Projects.

Welcome to QA/QC Construction website. This site tackles different aspects of QA/QC matters with concern to the Construction industry.
Various topics involved in the quality assurance and control such as project documentation, method statement samples such as concrete works, blockworks, various construction activities, etc., the flowchart for procedures i.e. redline marking and as-built preparations, KPI’s, quality procedures and audits are being shared for knowledge beneficial for practicing QA/QC Engineers related disciplines.

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By the way, I’m looking for a new job now (June 20, 2019). Yes, I just finished my contract here in Qatar working as a Senior QA/QC Engineer involved in the multibillion project. It would be a big help if you can recommend me or hire me for a new company.
You can contact me through email: joevilgas2@yahoo.com. 









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